The fan’s guide to FAU football

25 Aug

If you had to take a test on FAU football, how would you fare?

If you’re not yet an A-plus fan, here’s a short course that will catch you up…

Here’s the problem: While FAU’s football team is only 9 years old, it’s
already racked up so much history and so many records that it’s hard for newcomers to get a grasp on it – sort of like being introduced to Lost with the third-season DVD.

If you want to become an FAU football fanatic, there are some great websites to bookmark: FAU’s official, The Sun Sentinel’s Ted Hutton at, and Marsus Nelson and Chuck King at

But what if you’re a fair-weather FAU fan who’s too embarrassed to admit it? Turn to page 6 for all you need to carry on a conversation about the Owls’ 2010 season. Also know this…

● Home games are free when you flash your Owl Card, and tickets for friends or family range from only $10 to $25.

● Coach Howard Schnellenberger is the only college coach with a 6-0 record in bowl games (which he compiled with three teams). When FAU won its first bowl game in 2007, it became the youngest team ever to achieve the feat.

● Rusty Smith, the popular quarterback, graduated last year and is now a Tennessee Titans – the first Owl ever selected in the NFL draft.

● An on-campus stadium for 30,000 screaming fans could be ready by next season. When that happens, trust us – everything will change.


One Response to “The fan’s guide to FAU football”

  1. Jon August 26, 2010 at 5:42 am #

    Surprised to see that the stadium site construction pad prep is already happening.

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