Who is Green Mann?

8 Oct

Except for his parents and best friend, no one knows the identity of the masked green crusader. And until he has 3,700 Facebook friends, Green Mann plans to keep it that way. With more than 2,700, he’s getting close.

Green Mann

Green Mann relaxes on campus after competing in a dance-off at the
Breezeway Cafe. (Photo: Michele Boyet)

Spotted: See more photos of Green Mann around campus on our Facebook page

A junior at FAU, Green Mann (yes, his version has two n’s) has been wearing the $60 suit and dancing around campus for just over a month now.

The Boca Raton resident supports the ‘go green’ movement and loves the library, Billy Joel and Spiderman. He’s had danceoffs along the Breezeway, at Coyote Jacks and at FAU’s first home football game. He assures students the suit has nothing to do with the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Although he doesn’t speak in person, Green Mann agreed to an email interview with Owl Times

OT: What’s your goal?
GM: I intend to make friends, raise awareness concerning “going green,” and shave some weight off my waist. I have been slowly accomplishing all these goals. I receive high-fi ves all over campus. I occasionally post “green” websites on my Facebook, and my hips are pristine.

Why the suit and secret identity?
I had friends who wanted to put on morphsuits [from http://www.morphsuits.com] and dance around campus. I merely went one step further and tagged a motive to the costume.

Why’d you pick green and not FAU colors?
Green stands out, it makes people do a double take. It goes with the “green” movement, which is what I wanted to be a part of. I plan on speaking with local green businesses to help promote them and in turn, promote myself.

Why’d you pick the number 3,700 to reveal yourself?
Thirty-seven is my number, has been since high school. It appears a lot in my life and I typically see it daily.

We heard FAU made you wear underwear?
The police told me their phone rang off the hook the first two weeks with people calling in saying I was indecent, I exposed myself, and I was a suspicious person on campus … but people have warmed up to me.

You’re all over campus — what’s next?
I would love to have a giant FAU emblem on my chest or Publix, Tide or FOX … whoever wants to sponsor me. The social experiment aspect is peaking right now. I have a lot of recognition, but I can see it dwindling if I don’t take this a step further.

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