Owls bring home fifth straight Shula Bowl trophy

1 Nov

FAU defeated the Florida International Panthers 21-9 Saturday, Oct. 30 to keep the Shula Bowl title and seal a Homecoming win.

FAU vs FIU Shula Bowl

FAU fans cheer on the Owls during the Homecoming football game on Sat., Oct. 30.
(Photo: Rachael Joyner

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Campus stadium will be all about the fans

8 Oct

From the way the complex will look when you drive onto campus, to where you will tailgate and the way your butt will feel in a seat, FAU has plans for everything to do with the stadium.

FAU Stadium

Student Body President Ayden Maher says the stadium will “change students’ lifestyle
and the way people think about FAU.”

At 30,000 seats, the open-air stadium will be the largest sports facility in Broward and Palm Beach counties, with Lockhart Stadium and the BankAtlantic Center both seating about 22,000.

“I’m excited about the possible fan attendance and the tradition that will come with the stadium,” Student Body President Ayden Maher says. “This will bring back a lot of alumni, attract more commuter students and give on-campus residents a chance to simply walk to a game.”

Originally compared to stadiums at University of Central Florida and Florida International University, FAU officials say the Owl stadium will be different in both its design and functionality.

“Initially we looked at the stadiums at UCF and FIU to start the discussion about ours, but the FAU stadium will not be modeled after anything,” University Architect Tom Donaudy says. “We strive to make this a unique stadium and for it to be better than both those stadiums.”

“Our location is quite different than most other stadiums, and we feel this will create an exceptional game day experience,” says Donaudy, who is also FAU’s vice president for facilities. “We will have lots of options and hope to create a lot of tradition.”

Maybe the biggest question lingering, will it be done in time for the 2011 football season? FAU says it will.

“We have a very aggressive construction schedule,” says David Kian, FAU’s sr. vice president and general counsel. “But it is one that we know we can do.”

Innovation Village

Innovation Village is slated to open fall 2011.

Innovation Village
Directly next to the stadium will be FAU’s new upper-division residence hall. There will be 1,218 apartment-style beds, with four bedrooms and two baths per unit, as well as space for retail and classrooms. Students living on top floors of the west side of the building will have a view directly into the stadium. On the east, students will be able to see the ocean. The $200 million project is scheduled to open in Aug. 2011 and Kian says he has no doubt it will be completed on time.

FAU Stadium

The new stadium will have a special student section.

All seats will have chair backs and their will be a specific “students only” section. There will be no running track encircling the field, so the stands will be closer to the action. The stadium will have several different levels of seating, each at different prices. There will be 1,000 priority seats inside an air-conditioned club level, 4,000 primer seats in a semi-enclosed area, 20 suites and 26 loge boxes.


FAU officials say Owl fans will be able to tailgate everywhere on campus.

Tailgating & Parking
Like most universities with on-campus stadiums, game day will consume the campus. Donaudy and Kian said they expect fans to park and tailgate “everywhere” but the main traditional events will happen between the new Alumni Center and the Recreation Center, and directly in front of the stadium. Lee Street, which will be directly in front of the stadium, will be closed off to cars on game day for tailgating events. There will be a shuttle service around campus to bring fans to the stadium when it gets close to kickoff. Priority parking will be offered to fans who have priority seats or suites, and there will be a valet drop-off area. As part of the stadium’s construction, the entrance to the university from Spanish River will be four lanes, upgraded for the current two.

FAU Stadium

If all things go according to plan, the Owls’ next football home opener will be held in a brand new, 30,000-seat, on-campus stadium.

The open-air stadium will have natural grass, as per Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger’s and the players’ request. The stadium will be have a tropical South Florida theme and a “beach-like feel,” according to University Architect Tom Donaudy. Because of its central location and design, fans will be able to see the stadium as soon as they enter the Boca Raton campus — from any direction. Fans will be able to see the ocean from the stadium’s luxury boxes.


FAU will host a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m.

What: Join FAU President Mary Jane Saunders and Athletics Director Craig Angelos for a groundbreaking ceremony and tailgate party

When: Friday, Oct. 15, at 4 p.m.

Where: Across from the stadium site on the Boca campus, in the plaza between the Recreation Center and the Marleen & Harold Forkas Alumni Center

RSVP: Online at http://fauf.fau.edu/groundbreaking by Oct. 8.

More info : 561-297-2301

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Who is Green Mann?

8 Oct

Except for his parents and best friend, no one knows the identity of the masked green crusader. And until he has 3,700 Facebook friends, Green Mann plans to keep it that way. With more than 2,700, he’s getting close.

Green Mann

Green Mann relaxes on campus after competing in a dance-off at the
Breezeway Cafe. (Photo: Michele Boyet)

Spotted: See more photos of Green Mann around campus on our Facebook page

A junior at FAU, Green Mann (yes, his version has two n’s) has been wearing the $60 suit and dancing around campus for just over a month now.

The Boca Raton resident supports the ‘go green’ movement and loves the library, Billy Joel and Spiderman. He’s had danceoffs along the Breezeway, at Coyote Jacks and at FAU’s first home football game. He assures students the suit has nothing to do with the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Although he doesn’t speak in person, Green Mann agreed to an email interview with Owl Times

OT: What’s your goal?
GM: I intend to make friends, raise awareness concerning “going green,” and shave some weight off my waist. I have been slowly accomplishing all these goals. I receive high-fi ves all over campus. I occasionally post “green” websites on my Facebook, and my hips are pristine.

Why the suit and secret identity?
I had friends who wanted to put on morphsuits [from http://www.morphsuits.com] and dance around campus. I merely went one step further and tagged a motive to the costume.

Why’d you pick green and not FAU colors?
Green stands out, it makes people do a double take. It goes with the “green” movement, which is what I wanted to be a part of. I plan on speaking with local green businesses to help promote them and in turn, promote myself.

Why’d you pick the number 3,700 to reveal yourself?
Thirty-seven is my number, has been since high school. It appears a lot in my life and I typically see it daily.

We heard FAU made you wear underwear?
The police told me their phone rang off the hook the first two weeks with people calling in saying I was indecent, I exposed myself, and I was a suspicious person on campus … but people have warmed up to me.

You’re all over campus — what’s next?
I would love to have a giant FAU emblem on my chest or Publix, Tide or FOX … whoever wants to sponsor me. The social experiment aspect is peaking right now. I have a lot of recognition, but I can see it dwindling if I don’t take this a step further.

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Despite loss, Owl fan support still strong

27 Sep

The Owls might have lost Saturday night, but hoards of fans came out to the home opener to support FAU — win or lose.


FAU fans cheer on the Owls Saturday, Sept. 25 at Lockhart Stadium in
Fort Lauderdale. (Photo: Rachael Joyner)

Despite the 21-17 loss to North Texas, fans still had something to celebrate this weekend after last week’s stadium approval vote. If all goes according to plan, Saturday night’s game was the last home opener the Owls ever play at Fort Lauderdale’s Lockhart Stadium.

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Up next: The Owls travel to Tampa to face South Florida on Saturday. Sign up for the Student Government $40 bus trip is now open. Contact the SG office at 561-297-3740 for more info.

It’s FAU game day!

25 Sep

FAU’s much-anticipated football home opener is today at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. The Owls take on the North Texas Mean Green at 7 p.m.

FAU Football Pep Rally

Despite the rain, more the 1,000 students attended FAU's first football
pep rally. (Photo: Michele Boyet)

More: Photos from FAU’s first football pep rally

Pre-game tailgating events start at 4:30 p.m. Visit the Student Government and Student Alumni Association tents for free BBQ ribs and Amp Energy drinks.

Need a ride? There will be two free bus trips for students leaving from the Boca Raton campus Student Union at 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Get your face in the paper! Look for an Owl Times photographer at the tailgate and in the stands during the game.

Go Greek?

22 Sep

Greek Life is a big part of the FAU experience. But with 24 fraternities and sororities to choose from, selecting the right one can be tough. Don’t fret, we’re here to help!

FAU has 24 fraternities and sororities, each with a unique history and membership criteria.

FAU has 24 fraternities and sororities, each with a unique history and membership
criteria. (Photo: Rachael Joyner)

In honor of Greek Life recruitment week, we offered each sorority and fraternity the chance to show off their stuff – and in their own words.

Click here to see what they have to say in our Special Greek Issue…

Keep in mind: The groups in this issue of Owl Times represent the community overseen by the FAU Greek Life Office. There are academic and professional sororities and fraternities that are run through FAU’s colleges – so check
with your dean’s office to learn more.

So how do I Go Greek, anyway?

Here are nine helpful tips for navigating the recruitment process, straight from FAU’s Greek Life Office…

Be yourself
The recruitment/intake process can be intimating, but the best advice for potential members is the simplest: Be yourself. As weird as the process may feel, everyone is simply trying to get to know each other in a short time, so make sure you stay true to yourself in order to find your best fit.

Have genuine and honest conversations
Just as the fraternity and sorority members are trying to get to know you, you should be trying to get to know them as well. Make sure you’re talking about things that matter to you. Seek out real conversations and people you connect with, because those people are your potential brothers or sisters – and if the conversation is not there now, it most likely won’t be there once you get a bid of membership.

Spend time really getting to know the members
Meet as many people as you can and make real connections with them. This sounds like a lot of work but the chapters are meeting a lot of people throughout recruitment and you will want the most people possible to remember your name and face. Additionally, you will want to make sure that you like the people who are currently in the chapter, not just one or two members.

Expose yourself to the chapter experience
Ask questions about what the chapter does. You will want to get a sense of what type of events the chapter is involved with, what they value, and what kind of things they hope their members will be a part of. Knowing these things ahead of time will help ensure that you are joining an organization that is similar to yourself and you know you will enjoy.

Seek accurate information
You have a right to accurate information regarding the chapters. Make sure you visit the fraternity and sorority life website, http://www.fau.edu/greeklife and check out reports or chapter profile information provided. You can also stop by the Greek Life Office located in the Boca Raton Student Union, Room 218, if you have more unanswered questions.

Look for the group where you feel most comfortable
At the end of the day, you should ask yourself: “Do I see myself as a member of this organization?” If you cannot answer that question with a yes, then it’s probably not the right choice. You will want to join the organization where you feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

Keep an open mind
Again, the recruitment/intake process can be very a strange and unsettling experience, but it is good advice to simply keep an open mind. There are a lot of rumors and falsehoods surrounding fraternities and sororities and it’s in your best interest to make your own first-hand assessment.

Trust the process
At the Greek Life Office, we believe this is the perfect phrase for the recruitment/intake process. What is supposed to happen for you always does. Don’t get too caught up in the day-to-day aspects, just make sure you complete the whole process. If you don’t get a bid or an organization doesn’t think you are a good fit for them right now, continue to check out everyone else before you give up.

Have fun
Fraternities and sororities are supposed to be a good time and something that enhances your college experience, not something that’s a stressor in your already stressful life. Relax and have fun!

Board of Governors approves funding plan for FAU stadium

16 Sep

If things go according to plan, FAU fans will watch the Owls play their home games in a 30,000-seat stadium on the Boca Raton campus by next year.

The Board of Governors voted Thursday to approve the $70 million Boca Raton campus stadium.

The Board of Governors voted Thursday to approve the $70 million Boca Raton campus stadium. (Photo: FAU, courtesy)

On Sept. 16, after two days of meetings, the Florida Board of Governors unanimously approved the $70 million funding plan for the stadium.

“Having our own stadium will give us the venue we need to come together as a unified community of students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University, sharing memorable experiences and building traditions that will be passed along to future generations,” President Mary Jane Saunders said in an e-mail to the FAU community after the vote. “This momentous endeavor lies at the very heart of our efforts to enrich the quality of campus life at FAU, and we are fortunate to be right here on the scene as it comes to fruition.”

Watch video from the Board of Governors vote and the student celebration with Owls’ head coach Howard Schnellenberger at FAUOwlAccess.com.

FAU will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the stadium on Friday, Oct. 15, at 4 p.m.

Hang out with Schnelly

15 Sep

Join Owls’ head football coach Howard Schnellenberger and ESPN760 host Ken LaVicka every Thursday as they broadcast FAU’s weekly athletic department radio show live from Hooters in Boca Raton.

Join Owls' head coach Howard Schnellenberger and ESPN760's Ken LaVicka Thursdays at Hooters

Talk football with Owls' head coach Howard Schnellenberger and ESPN760's Ken LaVicka Thursdays at Hooters. (Photo: Dori Zinn, courtesy)

Review prior games and make predictions for the upcoming week with Schnellenberger and other Owls’ coaches while taking advantage of the drink and food specials, including the $5.99 Schnellen-BURGER. Keep an eye out for current and past players, who have made appearances at previous shows this year.

“The FAU Sportspage is a great way for Owls to show support for their football team and get a chance to spend time with coach Schnellenberger in an intimate setting,” says LaVicka. “It’s close to campus, the Hooters’ location has a great atmosphere, and it’s an excellent place to celebrate FAU football every week.”

The show is interactive and will welcome questions from both the live audience, as well as call-ins at 1-888-760-3776.

Listen live online or check out past show podcasts at www.fausports.com.

If you go…

What: FAU Sportspage (Facebook event invite)

When: Thursdays at 6 p.m. during the season

Where: Hooters, 2240 NW 19th Street, Suite 1101a, Boca Raton

Drink specials: $5.99 Miller Lite and Coors Light pitchers; 5-for-$12.50 domestic buckets; $1.99 Pabst Blue Ribbon cans; 5-for-$10 Pabst Blue Ribbon buckets.

Food deals: $5.99 Schnellen-BURGER with fries; 20 percent off food portion of your check if you present your Owl Card.

SG’s new Elections Chair is strict with a smile

9 Sep

Student Government Elections Chair
Thomas Levy

On his Facebook wall, Thomas Levy says he “will be the Superintendent of Broward County Schools in 12 years” and eventually, “the U.S. Secretary of Education.” But before that, the current FAU Student Government Elections Chair wants to go to grad school somewhere Ivy League.

“I want to go to Columbia, Vanderbilt or Harvard,” says the senior social science education major. “My long-term goal is to move back to Florida and help inner-city kids in Miami-Dade.”

Until then, Levy says he’ll focus on making this year’s elections the “best ever,” with competitive races and high voter turnout.

As Elections Chair, Levy will oversee two distinct sets of races: The fall election on Sept. 14 and 15, when students will vote for open seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate on each campus, followed by the spring election next semester, when FAU will elect its next student body president and vice president, along with the campus governors.

“Last year’s elections were a train wreck,” Levy says bluntly. “This year, they are going to be run very organized and by the book. I’m a nice guy, but I am going to be strict to ensure things run smoothly.”

As of press time, there were 95 eligible candidates running in this election – 68 of them on the Boca Raton campus. Levy was instrumental in getting these students to sign up. (Meet the candidates in this week’s issue.)

His goal: “Get more diverse, new faces involved in Student Government.”

His sales pitch? He tells students this is their chance to “make a difference on campus.”

“Do you know that $150 of your tuition goes to Student Government for your Activities and Services fees? That was a real light bulb to me,” Levy says. “We’re paying for what goes on around campus, and we should be involved in how it’s run and be a part of the decisions that get made.”

In his free time, Levy volunteers at a foster home in Fort Lauderdale, helping high-school dropouts get their GEDs. The program, called The College Boost, is something Levy says is very close to his heart.

“These kids were all left behind in the school system and they need support,” he says, adding that the program helps students study, apply for scholarships, and get involved in the community.

Says Levy: “Helping them really opens your eyes and touches your heart.”

His goal for this years’ elections: “To get 8 percent of the student body to vote. We had 6 last year and that was the highest turnout ever.”

His advice to students: “Speak up and get involved in Student Government. You have the power to make a difference and make significant changes at FAU.”


See this week’s issue: Issue 5, Volume 1

FAU flags at half-staff today

7 Sep

Flags on all campuses were at half-staff Tuesday in memory of Dr. Jill Jones, Nicholas Jones, Christopher Lowe and Joe Isadore.

Dr. Jill Jones, a former faculty member in the College of Education, and her son, Nicholas, who were tragically killed in a highway accident in Virginia on Aug. 8.

Christopher Lowe, a student in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters who passed away on Aug. 25.

Joe Isadore, a double alumnus of FAU and former Associate Dean of Students on the Jupiter campus, who died suddenly on Aug. 31.

The FAU community asks that you keep them and their families in your thoughts.


Memorial Service for Joe Isadore on Jupiter Campus Sept. 15

A memorial service for Joe Isadore, a former member of the Student Affairs staff who suffered an untimely death on Aug. 31, will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 2:30 p.m. in the AD auditorium on the Jupiter campus.

Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. Joe passed away at the age of 39 while serving as a dean at Sullivan County Community College in Loch Sheldrake, N.Y. A reception in classroom AD 102 will follow the service.

Joe was a double graduate of FAU, having earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in public administration here. When he left FAU in 2008, he was Associate Dean of Students on the Jupiter campus. Joe is survived by his wife, Lisa, and two young sons. RSVPs are not necessary.

For more information, please contact Terry Gearing at 6-8026 or gearing@fau.edu.